Monday, March 21, 2005

Locks & Pyjamas

Aligarh Locks
There are a couple of more things that have the name of Aligarh associated with them. To begin with, Aligarh is famous for locks. The lock industry is one of the major sources of employment for the economically weaker sections of people, in and around Aligarh. Aligarh Locks are very famous all around the country or wherever in the world, there are some aligarians.

Aligarh Pyjamas
Aligarh pyjamas are also very special in their own way. They reflect the perfect balance in aligarian style of clothing. Usually, the old-fashioned pyjamas that were worn in North India were of two types - the wide-bottomed and the chudidaar.
The wide-bottomed (also called Elephant pyjamas) had very wide bottoms while the chudidaar used to be very tight at shanks. In urdu, chudi means a"bangle" and so the chudidaar pyjamas are supposed to have folds at shanks, resembling the bangles.


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